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Isle of Man Target Shooting Federation


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The Isle of Man Target Shooting Federation is the umbrella body representing common interests among the Island's target shooting sports.  Primarily the Federation's purpose involves:

  • promoting the general development of target shooting;

  • acting as a consultative body;

  • representing the Isle of Man in matters concerning multi-discipline international shooting; 

  • acting as a conduit through which the shooting sports relate with external organisations such as the Sports Council.

The Isle of Man Target Shooting Federation has no executive function in the affairs of its members.
Contact details -

 Secretary: John Buchanan
Mannin Cottage
Glen Road
Isle of Man
(01624) 861741
 President: Dursley Stott    
 Chairman: Stewart Watterson Email: stewart@isleofmanshooting.com
 Treasurer: Loretta Thompson Email: lorrie@isleofmanshooting.com
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Minimum Consideration Standards for Glasgow 2014
The IoM Commonwealth Games Association has now approved the Federation's MCS scores for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.  It should be borne in mind that attainment of a standard does not necessarily mean an athlete will be nominated for selection.  The Federation will take into account other selection criteria and will be looking for consistency of performance and overall ranking potential.  The Federation's Nomination Policy can be read in full here, with an addendum to be found here.
The MCS scores are:
50m Rifle 3 Positions Men
50m Rifle Prone Men
10m Air Rifle Men
50m Rifle 3 Positions Women
50m Rifle Prone Women
10m Air Rifle Women
Fullbore Rifle (Open) Q1
50m Pistol Men
25m Rapid Fire Pistol Men
10m Air Pistol Men
25m Pistol Women
10m Air Pistol Women
Trap Men
Double Trap Men
Skeet Men
Trap Women
Double Trap Women (if run)
Skeet Women (if run)


*  World Championship Medals for Creevy & Kneale
  Harry CreevyTim Kneale
   Harry Creevy    Tim Kneale
Isle of Man Shooting is riding high today thanks to outstanding performances from two of its shining stars at the 50th World Shooting Championships in Munich.  Harry Creevy and Tim Kneale are the stars in question and Thursday, 5th August 2010 is the date on which the Manxmen won two World Championship medals.  Simply stunning!
( More...)

WADA play true magazine
play true, the twice-yearly magazine of the World Anti-Doping Agency, is available online here.  There is also an archive of back-issues that can be accessed and downloaded.  Lots of stuff about the crusade against drugs in sport.


* Shooting scores higher than all the mainstream sports in Sport England's 2010 satisfaction survey.
Shooting is placed 3rd in Sport England's 2010 satisfaction poll, ahead of football, cricket, rugby, athletics, swimming and all the others making up the mainstream of British sport.  This is up one spot from the 2009 poll, with shooting now having pushed angling into 4th place.  A total of 46 sports were surveyed.  Details here.

* Commonwealth Games Team announced
9th August 2010

With the final date for achieving minimum consideration scores now gone, the Isle of Man Commonwealth Games Association's 11 strong shooting team for Delhi will comprise -

Harry Creevy (50 metre Prone Rifle Men)
Dave Moore (50 metre Prone Rifle Men)
Lara Ward (50 metre Prone Rifle Women)
Gemma Kermode (10 metre Air Rifle Women & 50 metre Prone Rifle Women)
Steven Watterson (10 metre Air Rifle Men)
Tim Kneale (Double Trap Men)
Jake Keeling (Double Trap Men)
Neil Parsons (Olympic Trap Men)
David Walton (Olympic Trap Men)
Daniel Shacklock (Olympic Skeet Men)
Clementine Clague (Olympic Trap Women)

Managers accompanying the squad will be Peter Quirk (Rifle) and Phil Ward (Shotgun).

The Games open on 3rd October and run until the Closing Ceremony on 14th October.

* Do you have what it takes to be a London 2012 Games delivery volunteer?
If you would like to be involved with the Olympics in either a specialist or generalist role, get your applications in early.  Details can be obtained from, and application made to, either the NSRA (click here) or the CPSA (click here).  These organisations are looking for people to occupy in particular the Specialist Sport Volunteer roles for Shooting.

An informative film about the sport of shooting in all its forms, produced by the Shooting Sports Trust and presented by Mike Yardley.
Many people have a distorted view of shooting from having seen firearms misuse in the news and popular entertainment. This production tries to put the record straight and shows shooting as it really is. More than a million ordinary, law abiding, and completely normal people in the UK use firearms for sport or their work.

* 04.11.09 British Shooting statement on accepting Woolwich for London 2012

* 02.11.09 CSFC Delhi, Final information pack:
   Technical notices, entry, accommodation, etc
   Further information from CSF
   Smallbore rifle & pistol programme
   Shotgun programme
   Fullbore and 300m rifle programme

* CSF(ED) Championships, Isle of Man 2009 - Results.

* Appeal for people interested in becoming National Technical Officers (NTOs) to help run the London Olympic ranges.  Details here.

* CSF(ED) Championships, Gibraltar 2008 - Results.

* Competitor's Agreement and Code of Conduct - for travel as a member of a representative team under the management of the Federation.

* The full Pre-Games Training Camp Guide.

* Isle of Man section in London 2012 Pre-Games Training Camp Guide.

* NATSS project.  Updates from lead consultants, Performance Matters.  "NATSS" (National Association of Target Shooting Sports) is the working title of the project to merge the main three national governing bodies (NSRA, NRA and CPSA) into a single future body.
   - Briefing
   - Summary report on workshops
   - Summary report on survey
   - Update August 2008
   - Update December 2008

* Delhi 2010 Shooting Programme (ver: Nov07) - Shotgun  Rifle & Pistol  Fullbore

* Commonwealth Games and Commonwealth Shooting Federation Championships 2010 to 2014 - summary of events included in the respective programmes.

* CSF(ED) Championships, Jersey 2007 - Results

* MCS Standards - Minimum Consideration Scores for Isle of Man team selection for events leading up to, and including, the Commonwealth Games, Delhi, 2010.

* Score Verification Form - for submitting Commonwealth Games consideration scores (pdf).

* Travel and Coaching Grants  -  Sports Council travel and coaching support scheme.
* Travel and Coaching Grants  -  Download claim form (pdf).

* Safeguarding and Protecting Children In Shooting  - IoMTSF's Child Protection Scheme.

* Equity Policy  - IoMTSF's position on fair treatment for all.

* Constitution - new Constitution adopted 18th January 2006 and incorporating name change from Isle of Man Shooting Council.

* Organisation Chart  -  version Nov06.