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Sports Council Travel & Coaching Scheme
 Travel and Coaching/Officiating Grants Scheme Print version  


The following grants from Isle of Man Sport (new name for the former Sports Council) for the 2009/10 financial year have been allocated to Shooting:

Travel Coaching
3,450 1,760

The text below is Isle of Man Sport's guidance note on the operation of the Scheme.

Isle of Man Sport will allocate travel & coaching/officiating grants.  The latter will continue to target the requirement of sports to increase the quality of the coaching/officiating that is available to its participants.  Funding will continue to be available for travel, but sports will be required to justify their perceived need for support for off-Island competition.  It is Isle of Man Sport's intention to continue to increase the quality and effectiveness of the training and competition that takes place.

Sports will have different needs, so it would seem to be logical to separate the travel and coaching allocation to the Governing Bodies of Sport (GBS), with the allocation reflecting the individual needs of the sports.

When considering the allocation of funding, Isle of Man Sport will consider the following:

  • The existence of an up to date sports development plan and annual action plan for the governing body making the application

  • The quality and organisation of the administration of the sport on the Isle of Man

  • Other sources of funding

  • Child Protection programme in place

  • Adequate cover for clubs/governing body against liability - i.e. insurance in place. 

  • The sport's need for competition off-Island
  • The number of regular competitions on the Island
  • The use made of the previous year's allocation
  • The constructive use of the funds; i.e. prioritised and not just divided between competitors on an equal basis
  • Funding should not be used to support one specific individual; therefore as a general rule, no more than 10% of the total grant should be paid to an individual.
  • The existence of an all-Island coaching policy to improve standards within the sport

  • Regular all-Island coaching/training sessions

  • The number of regular competitors on the Island

  • The number of active coaches on the Island

  • Continued progress with qualification of coaches to the highest level

  • The quality of the performances produced by local competitors

  • Coaching available for disabled sports people and their coaches

  • The use made of the previous year's coaching/officiating allocation

  • The need for the development of qualified officials for the sport. 


The support permitted to any individual travelling to an off-Island sporting event is as follows:

  • Adult (out of full time education)
up to 30% of the total travel costs
  • Any person in full time education

up to 50% of the total travel costs
  • Any adult or person in full time education representing the Isle of Man

up to 80% of the total travel costs
No individual should be granted more than 10% of the total grant awarded by Isle of Man Sport unless the governing body can justify the reason for this support - eg: not quite at a level to be considered for Sport Aid assistance.

The annual travel grant cannot be used for travel to the Island Games or Commonwealth Games as special funding is allocated by Isle of Man Sport towards these events.

Coaching on the Isle of Man
The support permitted towards Coaching / Officiating is as follows:

  • Coaching of coaches
up to 100% of total costs, including instructors'/examiners' fees, travel and accommodation, venue hire and course literature
  • Coaching for improvement of personal performance
up to 75% of total costs as above
  • Combination of both
up to 75% of total costs as above
Coaching off the Isle of Man
  • Coaching of coaches
up to 100% of total costs as above, including coaches conferences, seminars, etc
  • Coaching for improvement of personal performance
up to 50% of total costs as above

The coaching grant should not be used for the regular hire of facilities for junior and senior squad training sessions.

The allocation and payment of funds for travel and coaching/officiating will be made to the sports at the beginning of the financial year.  The Treasurer of the governing body will be required to submit a completed Annual Return in January/February with details of the clubs/individuals supported (enclosing substantiating receipts/invoices).  Future funding and requests for additional funding will depend upon the completion and submission of this form.


These funds were established to give financial assistance to sports teams travelling to high level competition.  Applications for assistance should be made by the Governing Body of the sport for consideration, prior to the event.

The categories for selection include:
  • National IoM selected teams competing at a high level off-Island
  • IoM Club Champions who qualify to compete off-Island

  • Priority will be given to new initiatives which show the development of the sport

Grants will be made at the discretion of Isle of Man Sport.

Island Representative Team Support funding and the annual travel allocation cannot be used towards the same event(s).

To improve the level of team competition.

Clubs should make their requests to their Governing Body during the year - the Governing Body should then submit a request to Isle of Man Sport on the appropriate application form.