Commonwealth Shooting Federation
  (European Division) Championships

  Isle of Man 
l  24th - 27th September 2009


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The 50 metre rifle events will be held at the Sinclair Range, St John's.  This is in the centre of the Island and approximately a 20 minute drive from Douglas.

The Range has 32 shooting lanes equipped with Gehmann target systems.  There is a roomy covered firing point and Clubhouse serving refreshments throughout the day.  The Clubhouse and its facilities are wheelchair friendly.


The provisional programme will run over the three days, Friday to Sunday, with Thursday 24th as the arrivals day.  Thursday afternoon, Friday morning and late Friday afternoon will be available for training.  Equipment control will be open during Thursday afternoon and Friday morning.  A three day spread is the minimum period within which a full 50 metre programme can be run that offers separate pairs matches and a real opportunity to compete for development shooters.  It does, however, put strain on those doubling (or trebling?) up both as respects fitting everything in and just the sheer volume of shooting.  Be warned!
Arrival of teams
2.30 - 5.00 pm
6.30 pm
7.30 pm
Training & Equipment Control
Reception (Sefton Hotel, Douglas)
Technical Meetings (Sefton Hotel, Douglas)
9.00 - 11.00 am
12.00 noon
2.00 pm
3.30 - 5.00 pm
Prone Men Individual  -  Development
Prone Women Pairs  -  Medal & Development
8.30 am
10.15 am
12.00 noon
3.45 pm
4.45 pm
Prone Men Pairs  -  Medal
Prone Men Pairs  -  Development
3 x 40 and 3 x 20 Individual  -  Medal & Development
3 x 20 Final
3 x 40 Final
8.30 am
10.15 am
12.00 noon
3.45 pm
8.00 pm
Prone Men Individual  -  Medal
Prone Women Individual  -  Medal & Development
3 x 40 and 3 x 20 Pairs  -  Medal & Development
Prone Men Final
Awards Banquet (Hilton Hotel, Douglas)
Entry Fees:
Prone Men Individual
Prone Men Pairs
3 Positions Men Individual
3 Positions Men Pairs
Prone Women Individual
Prone Women Pairs
3 Positions Women Individual
3 Positions Women Pairs

Administration Fee (payable only once per person for all events)

Awards Banquet - tickets
15.00  per person
17.50  per person
15.00  per person
15.00  per person


Basis of Entry
In each event, a country may enter up to four competitors.  A further two competitors may take part as 'development shooters'.  Development shooters will be present on a participation-only basis and will not be eligible for medals.

In the Pairs events, countries must nominate their 'A' pairs.  Only the 'A' pairs will compete for medals.  'B' & 'C' pairs will be subject to a separate reckoning.
Contact for 50 Metre Rifle events:
Stewart Watterson
5 Kissack Road
Isle of Man
Phone - 01624 823728 (Home)
           - (+44 1624 823728)

Email  -
For the avoidance of doubt...  all 50 metre rifle events will be fired on the basis of 2 shots per diagram, thus permitting the establishment of GB International records where appropriate.
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