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Advice Regarding the Carriage of Firearms and Ammunition on Aircraft and Ferries

Extracts from International Air Transport Association (IATA) advice to passengers on the carriage of items falling within the scope of the Association's Dangerous Goods Regulations.


"With approval from the airline operator, you are permitted to take securely boxed ammunition in your checked baggage.  The ammunition must fall into the dangerous goods classification 1.4S.  You are limited to 5 kg for your own use.  Allowances for more than one passenger cannot be combined into one or more packages."

Dangerous Goods Classification
"In general, explosives are not permitted on passenger aircraft.  The exceptions are the so-called safety explosives.  These are division 1.4 and compatibility group "S"."
All airlines require notification at time of booking, including number of firearms to be carried.  All firearms must be covered by appropriate paperwork, including visitors' permits.

Firearms and ammunition must be checked in with the airline, at which time they will be referred to Security, Police Special Branch, who will check the paperwork.  The firearms and ammunition will then be returned to the airline for carriage.  At its destination the equipment will be handed over by airline staff to that airport's Security people who will proceed with whatever paperwork checks and inspection they consider necessary.  PLEASE NOTE:  PROCEDURES AT EACH AIRPORT WILL VARY.  


Passengers wishing to carry firearms and/or ammunition will only be accepted when travelling with a vehicle in which the firearms and/or ammunition can be secured.  Only firearms which are properly certificated, including visitors' permits, may be carried.  Passengers wishing to carry firearms and/or ammunition must declare their intention at the time of booking.


Following a directive of the Isle of Man Department of Transport, under the Maritime Security Act 1995, the Steam Packet Company requires all persons wishing to travel with firearms (including airguns) to complete a formal declaration prior to travel, detailing the description of firearm(s), method of carriage, the declarer and the dates and times of travel.  Copies of the declaration can be found here.  Further advice may be obtained by contacting the Company's Freight Office in Imperial Buildings, Douglas on 01624 645620.

To avoid delays at the port customers are requested to complete the declaration prior to the day of travel, returning a copy to the Company's Freight Office.

When travelling with firearms passengers are requested to notify the check-in office at the port of departure both on the outward and return journeys.


In addition, the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) Dangerous Goods Code governs the regulations relating to the carriage by sea of ammunition. 

NOTE:  Because of their construction, the Company does not permit ammunition to be carried on fastcraft (Seacat, etc).

Customers wishing to travel with ammunition should complete a Dangerous Goods Declaration, copies of which may be found here.  Further advice may be obtained by contacting the Steam Packet Company's Freight Office at Imperial Buildings, Douglas on 01624 645620.  The Dangerous Goods Declaration must be completed, detailing -

1   the shipper, port of loading, port of discharge and the vessel concerned;
2   the proper shipping name, IMO Class number, UN number;
3   net explosive mass of the goods and gross mass of the goods; and
4   registration mark of the vehicle carrying the goods.

A sample form showing how it should be completed may be found here.  Further assistance is available from the Freight Office.  Customers are requested to use the proper shipping name and the UN number for the ammunition being carried (this is shown on the sample form).

The completed Dangerous Goods Declaration must be returned to the Freight Office at least 24 hours prior to travel -
    by fax:                  01624 645627
    by post/hand:        The Freight Department
                                Steam Packet Company
                                Imperial Buildings
                                Isle of Man IM1 2BY.

The declaration will be made available to the Port Security and Police at both ends of the journey.

Failure to declare either firearms and/or ammunition prior to travel may result in the passenger not being allowed to travel or the firearms and/or ammunition being confiscated by the Port Security.

When travelling with ammunition passengers are requested to notify the check-in office at the port of departure both on the outward and return journeys.

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